A term for over 100 years

The house in the chronicles of 1865. The first mention to the estate also included the large meadow below the house and a small farm.

To empire before the First World War by the then owners, the family Swiss beer was brewed in the best suitable vaulted cellar under the house (called only "the brewing" in).

As both sons were killed in the war took over daughter Sofie and her husband Robert Duffner the brewery. But times were hard and so they decided to sell the property and found in the Löwenbrauerei Freiburg a buyer.

Beer has been brewed Although none left, the house but from then on continued as a "Gasthaus Löwen".

Although no longer as tenants or owners, so the Duffners were still active over many generations in the inn.

Daughter Friedel - cook
Son Franz - confectioner
Son Erich - meant to replace, fell during WW2 in Smolensk in Russia.
Son Franz Isele - tenants of the inn and agriculture, man the only daughter Klara

As well as the Löwenbrauerei Freiburg ran into financial difficulties she had to re-sell the lions in St. Märgen.

From the big meadow (lion mat) was a residential area. The inn took over Robert Duffner jr., The eldest son of Robert and Sophie.

Residents St. Märgens were thrilled that finally was a Duffner owner of them so important house again. Meanwhile, elected to the council drove Robert jr. The difficult reconstruction of the forward and created an inn that appealed to all people.

In 1992, Roth family took over the Hotel "Löwen" and this leads to 2018.
From 2018 Löwen Investments GmbH took over the hotel with the hotel manager Itay Tsachor.